Passion Hikes Is a Tour And Hiking Organisation In Ghana.The Establishment Of Passion Hikes Is To Change The Face Of Domestic Tourism By Offering The Best Tour Experiences Through Hiking.Passion Hikes Is a Registered Business Organisation By Law Offering Hiking Tours.We Are Located At Sakumono-Accra,Along The Nungua Tema Road And Operates Between The Hours Of 8am To 4pm From Monday To Saturday.The Organisation Operates a Team Work Of Passionate And Well Experienced Workforce Carrying Out Duties Diligently Aiming At Satisfying The Valued Client.The Organisation Is Very Concerned About Clients Satisfaction And Feedbacks.The Organisation Operates On a General Individual Package And Multi Package For a Number Of Persons Or Group Of Persons,Such As Family.Discounts Are Also Offered To Early Bird Registrants And Registered Members Of The Organisation.Passion Hikes Welcomes Everyone,Citizens And Non Citizens,Male And Female Prospective And Eligible Clients Across The World To Experience The New Feeling And Adventure Of Tourism,We Offer The Best Tour Experience Through Hiking,You Can Always Count On Us.

Our Mission Is To Change The Face Of Domestic Tourism In Ghana From The Usual To a More Experiencing Tours Introducing Hiking As a New Way To Travel On Tours And Make It Acceptable To The General Public.Passion Hikes Intends To Introduce Hiking As Part Of Tourism,What It Involves And How Positively It Impacts On The Tourism Industry And All Characters Involve.Developing Domestic Tourism In Ghana From The Usual To a More Robust,Memorable And Adventurous Tours By Introducing Hiking As a New Face Of Tourism And a New Way To Experience Adventure Going On Tours And Making It Acceptable To The General Public.The Primary Focus Is To Offer Unique Tour Experiences Through Hiking To The Public,Individual,Corporate Agencies And Other Organisational Bodies To Get Involve As a Physical Activity As Well As Leisure Activity.Providing a More Important Way Of How People Can Spend Their Free Time.

Our Vision Is To Expose The Beauty And Importance Of Hiking Tours And It's Benefits To The General Public, Making Tourism More Attractive And Entertaining. The Organisation Seeks To Enhance And Upgrade The Perception And Feeling About Domestic Tourism From The Usual.The Primary Goal Is To Develop And Promote Hiking As Part Of Tourism To Tourist And Prospects.Making It Affordable And Easy To Participate And To Embark On Domestic Tours By Hiking Average Miles In Large Groups In Natural Environments Such As Mountains,Canopy Walkways,Forests And Other Terrains.Developing And Redirecting The Minds Of Tourists And Prospects To Understand The Importance Of Hiking As Part Of Tourism Today And In Our Everyday Life.

Booking a tour with us comes with essential benefits and a good unforgettable experience.
*It offers a health benefit of keeping fit, refreshing the mind by the serene green visuals of the environment to participant or clients during the journey of the hike, however it is partly hiking and driving journey,depending of the distance of miles to cover on a particular tour.
*It also offers the opportunity for participants and clients to experience the feeling and come face to face with nature and low risk adventure through the journey of the hiking tour.
*It provides education about the history behind certain tribes and villages about their believes,cultural values and norms.
*It provides the opportunity of getting to know certain important but hidden and unknown historic and tourist reserves across the country.
*It also provides an environment for socialisation and entertainment as the journey of the hike becomes fun due to the availability of all the necessary and needed logistics.

As The Saying Goes "Safety First" Passion Hikes Is Much Concerned About The Safety Of Its Clients In Other To Have a Successful Hiking Tour Experience.First And Foremost, The Organisation Embarks On An Inspection Tour Through The Various Hiking Routes For a Particular Hiking Tour Before It Comes Out With A Final Conclusion Of a Location.All The Necessary Arrangements And Awareness Are Communicated With Leaders And Local Authorities Of The Community The Organisation Is Likely To Camp Overnight,Sleeping In Tents, In This Case Safety And Security Is Always Assured.The Organisation Also Provides It's Own Safety Measures By Equipping Itself With The Necessary Tools, Such As a First Aid Or An Ambulance, Including a Health Assistant, Knife, Headlights, Touchlights,And Other Essential Equipments.It Also Provides Leaders For Each Group Depending On The Total Number Of Clients And Serves As a Guide To The Hikers.Aside The Guide, When Necessary,Depending On The Distance Of The Hiking Location Extra Securities Are Provided.


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Kpakpo Allotey

As a manager and general overseer of Passion Hikes ,i always ensure my clients needs are met.Most important aspect is security,i always prioritize safety and secuity of my clients,i have well experienced security personnel on board to ensure smooth and efficient running of tour activities

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Serving your best and favorite dishes has always been our top priority,we always ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed.Having you as partners has given us a whole new experience in the hospitality and tourism industry,we are glad working with you.

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Travis Millis

Hiking with passion hikes gave me the best opportunity to experience adventure and nature in a more pleasurable way,sight seeing,visiting waterfalls, monkey sanctuaries gave me lots of memorable moments ive always dreamnt of ,its truly a dream come true experience on my part.Will be back again for future tours and events ,and will always recommend passion hikes for their top notch services provided

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I fell in love with passion hikes on the very day we became partners,my experience with passion hikes was great.Had good interactions with clients,was fun being around them,served them good dinner and provided most of their needs.Am glad to say passion hikes brought live into our business and will continue working with them for upcoming and future events


Ga-Dangme Homecoming and Hiking Tour Coming Soon..

Passion Hikes in collaboration with the Ga-Dangme Local Organising Committee presents the Diaspora Home Coming and Hiking Tour to the Ga-Dangme Boundaries and villages.Further Updates with respective Dates will soon be available

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Ayimensah-Peduase Hike. It'll blow your mind.

For our first hike in 2020 we headed out to the Aburi Mountains to see the beautiful view of the capital city Accra from a great spot up the mountain.We did the hike from Ayi-Mensah toll booth to the Peduase Lodge,was super nice with lots of activities and people from all walks of life came all over.

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Mountain Afadjato Hike. Take on the Challenge.

We celebrated Ghanas Independence Day in a more memorable,fulfilling and pleasurable way,we challenged ourselves to get to the top of Mountain Afadjato,which we did,being West Africas Highest Peak, we headed out to the Mountain Afadjato in the Liate Wote Districts of the Hohoe Municipality to see the beautiful view of the twin mountains,Tagbo Falls from a great spot up the mountain.We spent two days,camped overnight in tents at the Tagbo Falls Lodge.It was more than fun,the mid-night breeze,birds,different butterfly species around was just enough.

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Tagbo Falls Hike. See for yourself.

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go, thats the beauty of nature,Tagbo Falls is one of the best waterfalls in the Volta region and Ghana,next to Wli Falls in terms of attraction, which is the highest waterfall in West Africa,we hiked deep into the forest about 45 minutes walk,through thick dense forests,had different species of butterflies,birds ,an experience one needs in a life time.

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It was a dream to make it to the top of Mt. Afadjato, and with your help that dream was realized! As a bonus we had a wonderful experience. A great trip with a great company.

Travis Millis-Denmark

The view from the top of Mt. Afadjato is just amazing and so are the guides.I can honestly say the trip exceeded mine and my friends expectations for every facet of the trip – transportation, accommodations, food, trekking, excursions, etc. All so amazing!! I already have some people inquiring about our trip so I will definitely be recommending they book Passion Hikes.